Links Page

This page contains links to various sites that I think are worth a look. Not all of them relate directly to audio or theatre; some reflect personal interests in other subjects!

Effects libraries online. Not an exhaustive list, just the most comprehensive ones..

Audiosparx - online effects and production music library (with quite a few of my sound effects.) Pay by effect.

Soundsnap - online effects library and music loops and stings (with quite a few of my sound effects.) Subscription payment system.

ASoundEffect A fantastic resource for independent sound libraries, including mine.

Sound Dogs - another massive online effects library which includes the Soundstorm, Airborne Sound, Blastwave, Sound Ideas & Hollywood Edge libraries. Pay per effect - USA based


ABTT - Association Of British Theatre Technicians

Audio Engineering Society - Professional association for anyone working in or studying audio.

Association Of Sound Designers - Newly formed professional association for theatre sound designers in the UK.

IATSE - International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists & Allied Crafts. (USA-based despite the title.)

OISTAT - International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians

United Scenic Artists Local USA 829 - Representing sound designers on Broadway.

USITT - USA Organisation for theatre design, production and technology.

TSDCA Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

IPS Institute for Professional Sound

Software Companies: Stuff I use, so mostly Mac-based

Steinberg - Makers of Cubase and Nuendo DAW systems and accessories.

AVID - The ProTools People

QLab - Superb Audio, Video and Show Control Systems for Macintosh Computers.

Richmond Sound Design - Charlie Richmond is the Godfather of Show-Control and he makes excellent control systems.

Reaper - Low-cost, versatile DAW

Soundminer - Sound effects and music database management software

Twisted Wave - Great editor with excellent batch-processing facilities

Wave Editor - Editor and CD Preparation Software. Audiofile Engineering make some other great programs.

Hardware Companies: Again, stuff I use.

AKG - Microphones and headphones.

Apple - computers and stuff.

Beyerdynamic - Microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, communications headsets.

BSS - Soundweb, audio distribution, loudspeaker management, processing and accessories.

Glyph - Portable hard-drives.

Metric Halo - Superb audio interfaces and audio software and the best customer service.

Rycote - The best windshield and microphone suspension solutions

Schoeps - The best microphones.

Sennheiser - The best microphones as well - UK site.

Sony - Nice microphones and headphones - UK Professional Site.

Sound Devices - Superb location recording hardware.

Soundfield - Surround Microphones and accessories.

Other sites of interest:

ML407 - The Grace Spitfire - All to do with the fabulous Grace family and the Mk IX Spitfire they look after. Go and join the club.

Live Design Magazine - What it says on the tin - plus quite a few articles by me.

Gearslutz - Largely populated by opinionated egotists, but you can find some useful information if you’re careful.

BBC - Why wouldn’t you go there? Information and brilliant programmes. An eclectic and fascinating collection of links, sounds, information and good sound stuff

John Kilgore Studios - John runs a superb small studio in the heart of New York’s Theatre District. My go-to guy when I’m in the city